Thursday, August 24, 2006
Lets join IMVU !!~
I got to know this IMVU from a net friend.It is something like Windows Live Messenger but IMVU has a real CHAT ROOM! I am being represented with a 3D avatar,can chat with friend inside a 3D chat room.There are a lot features like showing real emotions, selecting mood for the moment, showing moves, capturing photos and scene changing too. These are the interfaces of IMVU.

Chatting with a friend (CELY) at a CoffeeShop. Dunno y she pick a dark skin avatar...

Showing Real Emotions~~

Different scene ... we can choose where to sit...

Another scene... i m standing on the top level of a building

A french KISS with a gaL~~

Look at the face recognition, it is realistic isn't it?

This is the IMVU Messenger, almost same wit YM and MSN.

The website to download IMVU...
Add me if u have join it... --> syen99

CONS: Sometimes it is a bit slow... well it's common la with the steamyx we have, sure it take time to load 3D !
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