Thursday, August 24, 2006
Lets join IMVU !!~
I got to know this IMVU from a net friend.It is something like Windows Live Messenger but IMVU has a real CHAT ROOM! I am being represented with a 3D avatar,can chat with friend inside a 3D chat room.There are a lot features like showing real emotions, selecting mood for the moment, showing moves, capturing photos and scene changing too. These are the interfaces of IMVU.

Chatting with a friend (CELY) at a CoffeeShop. Dunno y she pick a dark skin avatar...

Showing Real Emotions~~

Different scene ... we can choose where to sit...

Another scene... i m standing on the top level of a building

A french KISS with a gaL~~

Look at the face recognition, it is realistic isn't it?

This is the IMVU Messenger, almost same wit YM and MSN.

The website to download IMVU...
Add me if u have join it... --> syen99

CONS: Sometimes it is a bit slow... well it's common la with the steamyx we have, sure it take time to load 3D !
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Car Accident
Last Sunday, my brother got an accident when he was on his way goin to buy something. I woke up by his call early in the morning around 9 a.m. UrSS!! I rushed to the accident place and got shocked after seen my car being hit until that "teruk!".

According to my brother, he stopped the car at the traffic light near Sentul Park because it was RED. Suddenly he heard a loud brake sound and then his car was being hit from behind. Half of his car gone out of the road.Luckily there wasn't any cars coming from another side (still early in the morning), if not my brother sure being hit again at driver side!~

Then both of them stopped their cars at roadside to avoid traffic jam. This stupid idiot driver's road tax and insurance was expired. Think he must be no $ to pay for my car repairing!

Lets look at his car...U can imagine how fast he is driving at the moment!

Luckily, my friends who were on the way to futsal stopped their cars to help us. Really appreciated for their kindness helps because we are in a big gang now. We don't need to worry that we might be "bully" by him.

After negotiated with him about 1 hour, both cars were sent to a nearby workshop.The mechanic will repairs my car first and the idiot driver gonna pay for it. If he dont pay then he cant get back his car!!~~
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Finally, i got the chance to try out the Asia's largest outdoor cinema!
We must reached there before 7p.m. in order to get the free entrance for the CLICK premier show. We here refers to me, cely, my brother and his friend,Darren. I won the competition by using my name and my brother's name.
After got in, my leg got dirty as it was a field which juz after rain! We got a nice place and sit down and start having photos taking and dinner!

They put a chop on our hand at the entrance! :( my skin is the darkest among them!

7.30pm... will it goin to rain again??

It was a nice movie.I found out that there is nothing special about this outdoor cinema. My backbone got pain after finished watching the movie.
I think i won't go for it again if it wasn't free tickets. I would rather pay cheaper price movie ticket with a comfortable seat, air-conditioned and enjoy the movie without worrying "Will it rain?"!!

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Another free ticket !!
Wao... I got another free tickets from Starlight Cinema. Damn lucky! I being selectes as one of the loyal subscribers! This time i can bring 3 friend le...
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