Friday, July 14, 2006
Starlight Cinema Is Back!

This is the Asia's largest outdoor cinema festival.Last 2 years it was held at Hartamas there.... This year they are goin to have it at Sentul Park! (Near to my hse)
I'm sure many of u have been to this festival before! I haven't been to it before because i alwaz miss the show last 2 years. It's either the movie i saw before or i'm not free.
Hopefully this year i wont miss it. I really want to feel it how was it...sitting on a park (picnic style) to c movie wit a lot mosquitoes and worrying will it rains or not!

OMG!! I think i gonna miss it this year... juz checked out their schedule for movie showing. I had seen almost all of the movies in the schedule!! WTF!!!

Anyway, u can get all the informations about this cinema festival at the following url... So bring ur loves one or ur frens for it... :)
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