Thursday, July 27, 2006
Free Tickets from Starlight Cinema
Hooray!!! I won free tickets for the movie "CLICK" and 2 tickets for any movie from Starlight.I won it by joining their online competition.
As i mentioned before, i never been to this starlight cinema and willing to try it out this year. Now i got free tickets some more... sure won't miss it this time!

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Monday, July 24, 2006
Dating with Doctors
Finally i no need to take medicine everyday!!!~~~~~
I have been busy dating with doctors/sien se/dentist for more than a month!
Every week i have unfinish medicines...
Starting with fever,headache and dizzy then doctor found out there were caused by urine infection.Then i ate antibiotic for it! Juz recovered, another sickness -> stomachache visited me... Urkssss~~ ^_^!!!
Then continued by wisdom teeth extractions where i not just lost bloods for it but have to eat medicine again!
I'm definitely not "choi do san ji yeok"(財多身子弱).
Don't understand y i hv so many sickness until half quarter of my salary pay for dating with doctors!

Hopefully i can throw away these medicines and don't need them any more!
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Guess Guess Guess ? ~
Hey guys... lets guess what is this (as shown below) !!! I also blur blur when my father gave it to me last Saturday. At first i thought it is a duster for monitor screen or blackboard. It is made by soft cotton.

Really no idea what it is ???
Then my father giv me a clue...
He asked me to put it into water...
After 5 minutes
This is wat i got

It is getting bigger and softer...
Still dunno wat it is?
Let c below...
"ta da!!~~~"

Well, it is a towel!!!! Really cant imagine rite? such a small cylinder can bcome a big and long towel!
My father got it as free gift from 'da ma cai' bcoz of their 18 aniversary!!
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Friday, July 14, 2006
Nippon Tei
Special Thanks to Mr. GGL
because he helped me in filling up this blog~~~

well well well, this is the Nippon Tei at Berjaya Time Square, and it belongs to Mr. GGL, GGL so nice, pay me for the meal, somemore bring me go gai gai, watch movie....GGL you r the best!!!

Look at this fantastic design, yeah it's him again, Mr GGL!!! he is a genius, i mean...u see, look at the photo, how beautiful r the dunno call wat things, the environment is just so romantic, i love it..mmm...when u makan in this kind of restaurant, u...erm...i cant find any words to describe it, u better try it out....

see, there r 12 bottles of green wine, i didnt know they call it green wine, i asked Mr. GGL, he said it is called green wine, i believe watever he said, coz he never tells lie...

this is my food, seafood spaghetti, oh yeah i forgot to take a photo of it, i juat started to eat, yeah i was so hungry & cant think of anything when i saw my lovely spaghetti, once again, thanks to MR GGL to remind me to take the photo...!!!

Mr. Handsome GGL ordered this meal, it's nice at 1st, but...u know, it's just too much....

me, myself, ms wong, lenglui or not????????
here he comes!!!! Mr. GGL!!!! yeah!!!!
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Starlight Cinema Is Back!

This is the Asia's largest outdoor cinema festival.Last 2 years it was held at Hartamas there.... This year they are goin to have it at Sentul Park! (Near to my hse)
I'm sure many of u have been to this festival before! I haven't been to it before because i alwaz miss the show last 2 years. It's either the movie i saw before or i'm not free.
Hopefully this year i wont miss it. I really want to feel it how was it...sitting on a park (picnic style) to c movie wit a lot mosquitoes and worrying will it rains or not!

OMG!! I think i gonna miss it this year... juz checked out their schedule for movie showing. I had seen almost all of the movies in the schedule!! WTF!!!

Anyway, u can get all the informations about this cinema festival at the following url... So bring ur loves one or ur frens for it... :)
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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Cutiest GaL @ My HomE
This is the small + little + cute gal who stays at my hse since she was 2 mths old! Now she is 4 yrs old. My mom babysits her until now... so she will be at my home from sun nite until sat afternoon. We used to call her "Cheng Cheng" because her chinese name is 黃紫情. She is having the same surname as my family and the same birthdate with my mom. What a coincidence!
My bro and i juz bought a cake to celebrate their birthday @ home...


This small ultraman is a gift from a fren.I put it on my table after got it. The next day i came back from office, once I entered my house,she(Ameryl) ran to me with the ultraman on her hand...

Ameryl : Jie jie! This ultraman u buy for me izzit? Thank you ah...
Me : Huh! No... this is a gift from my fren.
Ameryl : Which friend? PaoPao? Fei Fei Gor Gor 肥肥哥哥(refers to GGL)... ?
Me : I said no la... is the guy that u always say "hihi" at webcam!
Ameryl : Oh... Sou Sou Gor Gor 瘦瘦哥哥!
Me : (Got shocked at the moment as she could remember all my frens) Yalo... ^_^!!!
Ameryl : Yer~~~Y din't he buy one for me?? (not happy d) Jie jie... can u ask him to buy 1 for me next time? I wan doraemon! Small size wan! remember ah!!
Me : I cant say anything... juz say ok ok problem...

p/s: until now ... she still keep asking me... did the gor gor buy doraemon for me... haiz!!!

She is only 4 yrs old, she is so clever as she learns things fast!!!! Sometimes she could asked me until i dunno wat to answer her!! "Bei hui Kek Sei"
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What type of job do u prefer?
This question has comes to my mind many times over n over.... I keep thinking "do i want a job which is very busy or very free? "
For me, I always wish to have a busy job which i hav to OT everyday and even work on weekends. Bz jobs means bigger responsibilities, more tensions, heavier jobloads and maybe more money.
I do have many friends who always complain to me : "Siau yen, I have a lot of jobs to do, headached ler... dunno which shall i do first! Dunno when i can finish it! I want a holiday!"
Honestly they really make me feel envy.
I reallly wish that i can have a busy job, learn more things and earn more money as they do.
Unfortunately, my current job isn't a very busy job. I still have time to surf net, chatting wit frens in MSN/YM/Skype, forwarding emails and etc.Everytime i tell my coursemates or friends about my job, they feel envy on me!! They want job tat i am having now. I am extremely enjoying mylife now... work.. go home.. relax.. yum cha... dinner at home or with frens... sometimes went for a movie... weekend hang out kao kao!!!

Wtf... am i a weird person? Having an easy and stable job in a good benefits big company still feeling not happy ?

Y dont I change job?Guess I'm still waiting for the braveness and guts...

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