Thursday, August 03, 2006
Finally, i got the chance to try out the Asia's largest outdoor cinema!
We must reached there before 7p.m. in order to get the free entrance for the CLICK premier show. We here refers to me, cely, my brother and his friend,Darren. I won the competition by using my name and my brother's name.
After got in, my leg got dirty as it was a field which juz after rain! We got a nice place and sit down and start having photos taking and dinner!

They put a chop on our hand at the entrance! :( my skin is the darkest among them!

7.30pm... will it goin to rain again??

It was a nice movie.I found out that there is nothing special about this outdoor cinema. My backbone got pain after finished watching the movie.
I think i won't go for it again if it wasn't free tickets. I would rather pay cheaper price movie ticket with a comfortable seat, air-conditioned and enjoy the movie without worrying "Will it rain?"!!

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