Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Cathay Cineplexes Damansara
Last Sat i went to c movie "Stay Alive" in this new cinema --->> Cathay Cineplex Damansara which is located juz next to The Curve

What so special about this cinema??

1. Their Online Ticketing System
- You can book your ticket days ahead- 21 days in advance! (GSC &

TGV only 3 days in advance)
- Can choose seat (provided by TGV also)
2. Everything is NEW!!!
3. Better sound systems... (a bit too loud for me~!)
4. No bad smells
5. Cheaper car park, only RM1.
6. Latest movie only selling at RM 10 per ticket! (GSC MidValley-RM12,

7. From the website, i found out this ~~> Drive-Thru Ticketing System
We can purchase our favourite movie tickets on the go via our Drive-Thru Ticketing System available at Cathay Cineplex Damansara.No more long queues at the box-office.
(I haven't got chance to try this yet~!!)

1. The official website a bit "cacat" & slow!
2. Those shops in this building is not open yet... only cinema nia!~~
3. Hard to find car as those car park not label wit numbers yet.
4. Others still finding~~

This is the official website for this cinema:

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Nice Song - from Eason
Wow... so long time i dint update my blog ah !!~~
Well, i wan to blog about tis song... know this song from GGL ...
It is really a nice song with meaningful lyrics.
Here's the lyrics, those who can't download it from internet can msg me n ask me sent to u...

落花流水 - 陳奕迅
流水 像清得沒帶半顆沙
前身 被擱在上游風化
斜陽又返照閃一下 遇上一朵 落花

相遇 就此擁著最愛歸家
生活 別過份地童話化
故事 假使短過這 五月落霞
沒有需要 驚詫

流水很清楚 惜花這個責任
水點 蒸發變做白雲
花瓣 飄落下游生根
淡淡交會過 各不留下印

流水 在山谷下再次分岔
情感 漸化做淡然優雅
為何為天降的稀客 泛過一點 浪花

天下 並非只是有這朵花
不用 為故事下文牽掛
要是 彼此都有些 既定路程
學會灑脫 好嗎

流水很清楚 惜花這個責任
水點 蒸發變做白雲
花瓣 飄落下游生根
命運敲定了 要這麼發生

講分開 可否不再 用憾事的口吻
習慣無常 才會慶幸
講真 天涯途上 誰是客
散席時 怎麼分

流水很清楚 惜花這個責任
水點 蒸發變做白雲
花瓣 飄落下游生根
淡淡交會過 各不留下印
但是經歷過 最溫柔共震
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