Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Last Day in SCAN
TODAY is my last day in my current Company (SCAN Associates). After 1 year working at here, getting close with colleagues make me got a bit unwilling to leave. In order to avoid any regret in future I have been thinking so long before making this decision. Hopefully everything will be fine.

TOMMOROW will be brand new day for me. I am going to start another new job. Everything starts with "0". I have to get myself adopt the new environment, learn new system and software, meeting new colleagues and etc.

FUTURE =? Nobody knows…
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Monday, November 06, 2006
When Sept & Oct End... Part VI
These are some of the photos taken in Penang...
I din't much of the photos on food or temple because i'm getting bored in going PENANG.I went there once per year! Don't want to take same photos.

This photo is cute...taken by a fren name Boon How... He is quite "CREATIVE" go and take photo under 1 man's pants! Now all the girls are under the man's XXXXXXX....

Another stunt being done by him!!

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When Sept & Oct End... Part V
Ulu Yam Waterfall 2006

Date : 08/ 10/2006
Venue : Ulu Yam Waterfalls

Not a very nice place as i expected...

Let's look at his special hair and compare with the photos below!

This photo he showed me innocent look...
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When Sept & Oct End... Part IV
Best friend's Birthday OCT 2006

Birthday Gal: Helen Hew
Date : 19/ 10/2006
Venue : Italianes Restaurant @ The Curve

All of the photos are with Ms
Cely all i hv is juz this group photo...

(Start from left)
Standing : Peng Kuan, Kok Meng, Kenny, Cely, Helen
Sitting : Me, Samuel, Jessie
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Sunday, November 05, 2006
When Sept & Oct End... Part III
2006 Mooncake Festival

Date : 06/10/2006

Venue : Jow's house

We juz hang up those "Tang Lungs" (Lantern) ,light up the candles,eat fruits and mooncake... play games.

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Friday, November 03, 2006
When Sept & Oct End... Part II
Cameron Highlands Trip
Date : 01/09/2006 ~ 03/09/2006

Behind us is the BOH tea farm...

Vege Farm. If i'm not forgotten, these are small round brinjals.

Strawberry farm is a place where we must go !
Very happy at there because i can pluck any strawberries that i want by buying 1 polystrene plate for RM15 (entries for 2 person)

Group photo taken under the aparment that we stayed!

Lovely couple with special Levis Couple T-shirt.

They are going to marry end of NOV.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006
When Sept & Oct End... Part I
My company trip~ CHERATING

Date : 18/08/2006 ~ 20/08/2006
Venue : Suria Beach Resort, Cherating

A very quite and relaxing place

Sand Castle

Camp Fire at nite~
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