Sunday, January 21, 2007
裂痕 . . .
可是万万没想到,它的命运却如此改写了!它被我不小心的给撞跌了几次了,断了好几个部分。 它的手,翅膀和冠都破了! 心痛死了。

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Fire Works
Juz now i went to see the fireworks at titiwangsa again. Today it started at 9pm... After do coding for whole day, see the beautiful fireworks is the best way to release tension.
This is the best photo tat i took.

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Monday, January 15, 2007
Eye on M'sia

This Eye on Malaysia is specially made for Visit Malaysia 2007.
It is located at Titiwangsa which is very near to my house. There are fire works every night until 1st of Feb. Even thought I can see the fire works from my house but I still went there to have a closer view of it. I think everyone of u should not miss this fire works. It is very beautiful. Besides fireworks, there are also motor board and jet ski performance.
The time showing for the fire works since last week is (Mon - Thurs 8.30 p.m., Fri-Sun 9.00 p.m.).

Don’t forget to bring a mat or old newspaper to there so that u can sit down on those wet grass to watch it.

Wish that I can ride on the Eye on Malaysia soon...

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Sunday, January 07, 2007


New year = New Challenge + New Hair + New Life...

There are a lot of things which i want to achieve in 2007.
1. I want to buy a car by myself.
2. I want to be more success in my career.
3. I want to be a skillfull engineer/programmer!

3. I want to be more mature!
4. I wish t
o go HongKong for a holiday.
5. I want to spend my 2007 xmas in Spore.

Haha... am i seting too many things for myself to achieve? Hopefully i can do them all in 2007!!

This is my new hair style? any comment?

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X'mas 2006
The best x'mas designing in Malaysia is The Curve. Luv the blue xmas designs. :)

Really like this photo's angle... really don't understand what Desmond (camera man) is doing until this photo is blur!!!

On the christmas eve, my friend and i juz had steamboat together and present exchanging.

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My Birthday 2006
December is a busy month for me.Besides attending wedding dinners, there was my 25th Birthday celebrations!!! Many of my best friends celebrated it with me, they treated me nice dinner.

My best frends celebrated with me at a German Restaurant at Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Cely already post it in her blog.(Click here to view it)

On the day of my birthday(9/12), a fren brought me to Jolin Tsai's Concert at Petaling Jaya Stadium . It was a nice and memorable show...

Then, GGL brought me to JOGOYA Japanese Buffet at starhill.The environment is really nice and the food is delicious but a bit expensive oh.Thanks GGL.... muacksss... hehe...

We took this photo after dinner.Like this photos a lot coz it is natural & funny.

Another friend of mine treat me this-->Haagen Daz Fondue with Ice Cream.I forgot to bring camera tat day so i copied this photo from somewhere.Yum Yum... Delicious...

Jz want to say THANK YOU to my dear friends... Really hope that I can celebrate my birthday wit u guys every year... :)

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Lovely Wedding 06'
End of the year alw got a lots wedding dinner to attend...
This is ShinYih & Shennie's wedding at Vistana Hotel.

And this... my kai gor's business partner wedding at KLCC

Everyone smile happily. Haiz... until now i still got no bf yet? when is my wedding ar? charm charm charm...
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